What to do with THEM

Eat them or ...
Bake them in a fruit cake
Blanch them and decorate your cakes
Blend them and make a delicious smoothie
Boil them into pâte de fruits
Caramelise them in sugar
Crystallise them into candied fruits
Chop them into a preserve
Dice them into chutney
Dip them in melted chocolate
Grate them into turkey stuffing
Grill them for a snack
Grind them into nut butter
Juice them with ice cream
Marinade them to make compote
Mince them to make mince pies
Mix them up for everyone
Pickle them into a sweet and sour delight
Plump them to increase their volume
Preserve them for time immemorial
Puree them and then drizzle
Poach them in a simmering liquid
Roast them with honey
Slice them into your jam saucepan
Simmer them for delicious mulled wine
Stew them in a Moroccan tagine dish
Sliver them as a garnish
Toast them and develop their flavour
Toss them over your favourite salad